water supply pipe

  • PB water supply pipe

    PB water supply pipe

    Product overview:

    Standard:AS/NZS 2642 ; BS
    Working pressure:1.6MPA-2.5MPA

  • plastic-aluminum composite piep

    plastic-aluminum composite piep

    Product Overview

    Material:Polyethylene and Aluminum


    Color: white ,orange and yellow

    Standard: ASTM F 1281, ASTM F 1282, BS 6920

    Form Supplied:coil form

    Applications:cold water supply,hot water supply and gas supply

    Welding Mode:over-lap welding

  • PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

    PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

    Material:unplasticized poly(vinyl Chloride)

    Pressure Rating:0.63MPa,0.8MPa,1.25MPa,1.6MPa,2.0MPa,2.5MPa

    Size:full 20mm through 630mm availability

    Standard:ISO 1452-2 ,BS 6920,GB/T 10002.1

    Colors:blue,white or other colors are available upon request

    Form Supplied: plain end pipe, belled end pipe or gasketed pipe with 5.8m or other length are available upon request

  • Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

    Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

    The plastic-coated compound steel pipe is extensively applied to the civil water supply,industrial water supply,fire fighting ,sewage transportation,communication circuit,optical fiber cable,coal gas transportation,foodstuff process, medicine and machinery fields,especially an ideal product for the urban water supply.