• ppr nano antibacterial pipe

    ppr nano antibacterial pipe

    Product overview:

    Thickness:1.8-4.9mm or custom

    Standard:DIN8077, DIN8078, ISO15874,Custom




    Working Temperature:-20~+120

    Working pressure:1.25Mpa 1.6Mpa 2.0Mpa 2.5Mpa

  • red and blue line pipe

    red and blue line pipe

    Product overview:



    Thickness:1.8-4.9mm or custom

    Standard:DIN8077, DIN8078, ISO15874,Custom



    Raw material:SG-5 PVC Powder

  • PB water supply pipe

    PB water supply pipe

    Product overview:

    Standard:AS/NZS 2642 ; BS
    Working pressure:1.6MPA-2.5MPA

  • plastic-aluminum composite piep

    plastic-aluminum composite piep

    Product Overview

    Material:Polyethylene and Aluminum


    Color: white ,orange and yellow

    Standard: ASTM F 1281, ASTM F 1282, BS 6920

    Form Supplied:coil form

    Applications:cold water supply,hot water supply and gas supply

    Welding Mode:over-lap welding

  • PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

    PVC-U Water Supply Pipe

    Material:unplasticized poly(vinyl Chloride)

    Pressure Rating:0.63MPa,0.8MPa,1.25MPa,1.6MPa,2.0MPa,2.5MPa

    Size:full 20mm through 630mm availability

    Standard:ISO 1452-2 ,BS 6920,GB/T 10002.1

    Colors:blue,white or other colors are available upon request

    Form Supplied: plain end pipe, belled end pipe or gasketed pipe with 5.8m or other length are available upon request

  • Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

    Steel-plastic Composite Pipe

    The plastic-coated compound steel pipe is extensively applied to the civil water supply,industrial water supply,fire fighting ,sewage transportation,communication circuit,optical fiber cable,coal gas transportation,foodstuff process, medicine and machinery fields,especially an ideal product for the urban water supply.

  • pvc power supply pipe

    pvc power supply pipe

    product overview:

    standard : IEC 614,IEC 61386-1,IEC 61386-21,AS/NZS 2053.2

    Colors:white and other colors upon request

    Length: according to customer`s requests


    Protect and manage indoor electrical wiring


    Non-conductiveGood insulation, able to resist 25kv voltage, assuring a safe system.

    Fire resistanceSelf-extinguishing, do not support combustion.

    Corrosion resistanceResistant to acids, bases and salts, assuring a lower maintenance cost and a longer performance life.

    Impact strengthResistant to compression and impact, no cracks occur due to screwing.

    Attracting appearanceEven color, good appearance, suitable for indoor installation.

    Easy to installLight weight, easy to transport, handle and install .

    Good breakage resistanceThe trunking won’t be broke when peg the nail on it.Advantages

  • pe-rt floor heating pipe

    pe-rt floor heating pipe

    PE-RT Pipe and Fitting are manufactured in accordance with CJ/T 175-2002, using ethylene-octylene copolymer as main raw material, intended for high temperature resistance usage. The raw material has special molecular structure, which includes linear polyethylene as the backbone chain plus controllable branches, so that the PE-RT pipe and fittings have excellent pressure resistance. Meanwhile, it has superior flexibility, then it can be easily bent without changing the shape. It also performs well in low temperature. Plus the advantages of sanitary, heat welding joints, reliable connection without the worry of leakage, it is an ideal plumbing system for floor heating.

    Generally, the oxygen resistance of plastic pipe is poor, so, the plumbing system need to be used with the pipes bear oxygen resistance if it requires. Liansu PE-RT (oxygen resistance) floor
    heating pipe adopts three layers co-extrusion technique. The pipe is coated with a layer of hot melt glue and a layer of EVOH (oxygen resistance) evenly on the surface. The coatings can
    stop the oxygen penetrate into he heat recycle system effectively, and reduce the corrosion on the equipments. The picture below is the structure of Liansu PE-RT (oxygen resistance) floor heating pipe, and the oxygen permeation flux of our product satisfies the requirements of plastic heating pipe.

  • empty wall drainage pipe

    empty wall drainage pipe

    Product Overview

    MaterialL Unplasticized poly(Vinyl Chloride)

    Size:full 32mm through 315mm availability

    Standard: ISO 3633, GB/T 5836

    Color: white or other colors availability upon request

  • empty wall spiral pipe

    empty wall spiral pipe

    Product overview:

    Specification:1–3/4” 45mm




    Item:green plastic tubing PVC steel wire spiral pipe

    Color:Transparent or as customer request

    Size:45mm * 5mm

    Raw Material:SG-5 PVC powder and steel wireAdvantages

  • PVC-U Drainage Pipe Fittings

    PVC-U Drainage Pipe Fittings

    Technical Specs


    Pipe Fitting MaterialPVC

    Fitting Schedule/ClassNo Schedule

    Pipe Size – Pipe Fitting6 in

    Fitting Connection TypeHub

    Max. PressureNot Rated For Pressure Applications

    Number of Holes0


    Max. Temp.73 Degrees F

    StandardsASTM D3034


    ApplicationDrain, Waste and Vent

  • solid wall drainage pipe

    solid wall drainage pipe

    Product overview:

    Specification:1–3/4” 45mm




    Item:green plastic tubing PVC steel wire spiral pipe

    Color:Transparent or as customer request

    Size:45mm * 5mm

    Raw Material:SG-5 PVC powder and steel wireAdvantages

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