plastic-aluminum composite piep

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Product Overview

Material:Polyethylene and Aluminum


Color: white ,orange and yellow

Standard: ASTM F 1281, ASTM F 1282, BS 6920

Form Supplied:coil form

Applications:cold water supply,hot water supply and gas supply

Welding Mode:over-lap welding

Product Detail

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Low linear expansion coefficient,not easy to deform with the change of temperature

Flexible and can be supplied in coil

Use less fittings compare to conventional plastic & metal pipes

No microorganism growth and hygienic


Easy to bend,low weight and fast to install

Joint does not need adhesive

Low transportation cost

Can work for more than 50 years under proper use

The aluminum core is permanently bonded to the PE-RT (high temperature polyethylene) plastic layer. The PE-RT on the inner and outer layers has the best corrosion resistance in aggressive manufacturing environments, while eliminating the internal scaling and corrosion associated with traditional metal compressed air pipes. Used with Duratec fittings, which are provided by robust nickel-plated brass and are sealed with a unique double O-ring to ensure long-term joint integrity. These mechanical connections do not require special tools or training, and can be installed in less than 1 minute. Applications include factory air, inert gas distribution, robotics, hand tool manufacturing

Aluminum, PE-RT inner and outer layer

Will not rust, corrode or form scale

Quick installation and removal of accessories

Able to withstand burst pressures exceeding 800 psi

Working pressure: 200psi @73ºF and 160psi @140ºF

Comply with FDA and NSF standards

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